What We Do...

We will work to provide you with greater income security during your retirement years by showing you strategies to help:

  • Convert growth assets into income producing assets
  • Combat inflation while balancing risk
  • Avoid investment losses due to an inappropriate investment mix that could cause you to return to the work force after retirement

We will work with your attorney and CPA to develop strategies to help facilitate a more efficient transfer of wealth by:

  • Converting your business to cash for your family
  • Protecting "your" assets from your children's creditors when you are not around to help
  • Minimizing the impact of estate & inheritance taxes

We will show you how to address your qualified retirement plans upon retirement with strategies to help:

  • "Convert" your  high-value IRA into an income stream for your children and grandchildren
  • Determine when to transfer an IRA into a spousal IRA or an inherited IRA
  • Determine the appropriate beneficiary arrangement for your IRA to help minimize transfer taxes to your heirs

We will show you strategies to help ensure your survivors' financial security when you are no longer working:

  • Did you know your spouse is not entitled to Social Security benefits between your youngest child's age 16 & your spouse's age 62,
  • Who will take care of spouse in the event of long-term illness or incapacity?
  • How long will your savings last if you are no longer able to work?