Why Us?

To earn your business, we strive for the highest standards in every facet of our services. In addition to providing comprehensive professional strategies, we make these pledges to you:

  • We will maintain the highest possible ethics & intergrity by always making the same recommendations to you that we would make to ourselves if we were "in your shoes".  Each of our employees has signed a Confidentiality Agreement with Kaiser Financial Group, Inc.  You will not need to worry about your personal business goals and objectives and financial information being discussed with anyone without our permission.  Your private thoughts and information will remain private!
  • We will make every conceivable effort to place your business with companies that are in the top 10% in financial strength and stability in their respective industries, as determined by the 5 major rating agences. (See our current list of companies under Product Providers tab, as well as the criteria we use in making this determination). 
  • When it comes to a client's problem, our goal is to solve the problem - not find the reason why the problem cannot be solved. 
  • While our primary concern addresses our clients' financial needs, we will assist the client in any way practical to address him or her as a whole person. 
  • Every associate of KFG earns a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education credits every year. This enables us to stay current with new ideas and with governmental and industry trends.
  • We will strive to create a long term relationship with our clients since our strategies typically involve a lifetime process, rather than a product that is purchased & simply forgotten.