Kaiser Financial Group, Inc requires all employees and associates to sign a confidentiality agreement. Our assocites will treat all information provided by our clients, their advisors, doctors and family members with utmost respect.

Only with the client's permission will any information be disclosed to companies with which we do business on our client's behalf.

Below is a copy of our Confidentiality Agreement.

This agreement dated this 1st day of January, 2009 is between (name of KFG assoicate) and Kaiser Financial Group, Inc (KFG), a Tennessee Corporation.

As a condition of continuing employment, (name of associate) is privy to financial , medical and other personal information of customers and clients of KFG and will be engaging in a business relationship with various companies, the parties hereto agree to the following:

  1. Because the intended relationship between KFG and its clients/customers may require that KFG have access to information that client deems confidential, KFG and (associate's name) agree to maintain the confidentiality of the information, which they may recieve from the client and/or medical or financial organizations with which the client may do business.
  2. KFG and (associetes' name) further agree to permit only necessary minimal access to the information in the course of handling or dealing with the information, and KFG/Assoicate agrees to keep the information in a secure place when KFG is not handling or dealing with it. 
  3. KFG/Assoicate agree to immediately return all such information and any copies of the information intact to client upon written request or when the services of KFG are complete, unless such information was recieved for the purpose of destruction or unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
  4. Any Breach of KFG's or Client of KFG's confidentially will be grounds for immediate dismissal or other legal action. 
  5. The laws of the State of Tennessee shall govern in the interpretation of this agreement. 

I have read this agreement and agree to adhere to its contents: 

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